The Scammers Latest Tricks | The Scammers Podcast Episode 3

Scammers are always upping the ante and we tell you the latest tricks up their sleeves to watch out for. Dr David Modic – our expert on the psychology of persuasion – looks at “secondary victimisation” and why it can make us ignore our gut instincts and our families help when a scam is in progress. From across the pond we hear from Adrienne Gonzalez, an American activist who warns of online fund-raising scams that you might be donating money to and we introduce you to Lauren & Craig who reveal how to travel the world non-stop without winning the lottery – they’re globetrotting living proof that it can be done! Inspired by the TV show Stopping Scotland’s Scammers, its’ presenter Jackie Brambles hosts the podcast that allows her to delve deeper into the issues raised on-screen….and occasionally go off at interesting tangents!

Sponsored by : Royal Bank of Scotland
Produced by : BroadStance Media